Web- and interactive
media solutions

Hi, this is my temporary site,

My name is Ralph, i'm a Dutch web- designer and developer, when i'm not building websites or working on other internet projects I build interactive art, media installations and multimedia products around my hometown of Enschede Wageningen, the Netherlands. If you are interested in my services drop me a line here.

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What can this mean for you ?

As a freelancer I offer handcrafted internet solutions and development.

From custom internet solutions to work within specific cms or frameworks i've built a steady base of front-end development skills. Combined with an interest for internet technology and various back-end systems I've been providing creative companies in their internet needs.

I think up a wide variety of custom solutions for creative purposes,

From advisor roles for internet concepts to regular client communications I like to brainstorm and develop custom solutions for problems with client comfort in mind.

In my spare time I enjoy working on cultural and technological relevant projects to explore multimedia,

From work on media art expositions to masterclasses on rapid prototyping I like to geek out with my network and friends to build crazy contraptions.

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